Trending Tokens Calculation

Disclaimer: All tokens in Trending Channel have no correlation with LEIA

Shows the most scanned tokens in range of time

Q: Which tokens get listed inside the Trending Channel based on Scanner BOT Database?

Tokens ranked 1-3 on the Scanner BOT are the ones paying for ads, bringing revenue to LEIA as part of the LEIA BURN PARTY goals.

Meanwhile, positions 4-10 are filled based on how often they're scanned daily. The more scans in 24 hours, the better chance a token has of appearing and getting listed on the trending list by the scanner bot.

Shows tokens where buyers are strongly dominating over sellers

Q: Which tokens get listed inside the Trending Channel based on Universal Buybot Database?

The following formula demonstrates the process of determining the m value on a daily basis. The m value serves as the metric utilized for the Trending Channel. When selecting tokens for the Trending List, we assess the present Market Screener (m) metric in relation to the highest m value observed within the last 24 hours. The formula for calculating the m value over a 24-hour period is provided below.

The m value reflects the contrast between the buying and selling volumes of traders in the last 24 hours. The m value is similar to the Speculative Sentiment Index. The ratio in the formula decides whether the m value is positive or negative. A positive m indicates that traders bought more tokens than they sold, and vice versa. We use the ratio multiplied by the number of traders to filter tokens with a high probability of manipulation. For instance, when a single influential trader (like a Whale 🐳) buys a significant portion of a token's supply to push the price higher.

When we create the Trending List, we look at the highest and lowest m values each day. We use a measure called the "k indicator," similar to the stochastic oscillator, to decide which tokens go in the Trending Channel. The k indicator can range from 0 to 100. If the k value is above 60, we consider the token for the Trending List. The k indicator shows how close the current m value is to the highest m value in the past 24 hours. We only list tokens with a positive m value, indicating that buyers are stronger than sellers.

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